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Sunday 7th January 2007

Frankfurt - Hunsfeld

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This morning we caught a train to Fulda, Germany, where we met with Annika who had kindly invited us to stay with her and her family for the next few days. Annika was a gap student for 6 months in Australia where she worked with Kylie at Glennie, the boarding school that Kylie works at. Kylie and Annika had made plans to catch up when we arrived in Germany. Catching the train was an interesting experience especially as neither of us speak much German and each stop was announced in German so that ment we had to be extra careful paying attention and watching each stop to make sure we got off at the correct station. We were a little confused at one point when a stop appeared that had Fulda in the name but we later found out that it was simply part of the Fulda area and we were correct not to get off at that stop. We arrived safely and drove through Fulda to Hunsfeld where Annika and her family live. Upon arriving we met with the Brodala family and Annika and her Mother cooked us a wonderful traditional German dish (Goulash, Kartoffelknodel and Rolkraut – Goulash, potatoes and red cabbage) before we went for a stroll around the Hunsfeld local park.

After our walk through the park, Annika had arranged to for us to meet some of her friends and we had a scrumptious cake Annika had made for us. It was great to meet some of Annika’s friends and here about Annika’s time in Australia. We spent the remainder of the afternoon with the family before having some dinner and watching a movie and then heading off to bed.

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Saturday 6th January 2007

Frankfurt, Germany

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With copious amount of sleep deprivation we deboarded our plane and proceeded through customs. We then tried the task of getting to our hostel which seemed alot simpler on the hostel website and we gave up and caught a taxi. This is where we first experienced the German Autobarn! When the taxi reached speeds of 180 kms / per hour the panic set in and we both looked away and pretended we didnt notice. Denial, denial, denial!

Arriving at our hostel in what was a long but fast journey, we tried to check inbut we told that we couldn check in until 1pm. And since the shops and attractions didnt open until 9 or 10am we settled on the couch for some sleep. We woke up exactly at 1pm having completely over slept and both with raging headaches we checked into our rooms and climbed into bed for the next few hours. The jet lag had really kicked in!

We woke up later that evening and went down stairs for dinner before having showers and catching some more sleep (cause we hadnt slept enough!). We both fell straight to sleep so obviously we needed it!

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Friday 5th January 2007

New York City

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As we were leaving for Frankfurt today we quickly raced up the street to do some last minute shopping and to pick up some alterations we had done on some pants that were too long. We also went to the post office to send off a parcel of all the items we purchased while in the states in hope that our very heavy bags would become only heavy bags instead and hopefully make the grade for international air travel!

We caught a shuttle to airport which was rather interesting with 11 people in the shuttle all with bags and some with 2 bags each. We eneded up having bags stuffed in every available space in the van and it was a long tight trip to the airport! We checked in for our flight and Katie got one of the last remaining checkin seats meaning Kylie had to get her seat assignment at the boarding checkin. The flight was overbooked so Kylie was very stressed about missing her flight and hounded the boarding checkin ladies for a seat which she eventually got but was seated as far away from Katie as possible. All was fine until boarding and Katie discovered someone else in her seat and they soon worked out that they had both been check into the same seat so the hostess dragged Katie down the plane to the only available seat which just so happened to be next to Kylie! What luck!

The flight was fairly short and we were given dinner quickly followed what seemed like only an hour later, breakfast. The flight was quite quick and we didnt get much sleep at all. Hallo Germany!

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Thursday 4th January 2007

New York City

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Today we headed down to Wall Street and then went to the Rockefeller Centre where we did the Top of The Rock tour which basically means going to the top of the building and looking out on the city. Since we had seen the city from the Empire State Builing at night it was great to see it during the day and in all honesty it was probably better from the Rock. You got amazing views of Central Park from the Rock that oyu didnt get from Empire State. We stayed at the Rockefeller Centre for a while before decending and looking around the building including the famous skating ring. We were going to go ice skating but the line was huge and neither of us wanted to make idiots of ourselves in front of all those people!

We then did some (window) shopping along 5th Avenue before arriving at Central Park where we took a Horse and Carriage ride through the park. It was really beautiful and a great experience.

Since we hadn´t had lunch yet we went to a restruant for dinner before heading back to the hostel to pack our bags and then bed.


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Wednesday 3rd January 2007

New York City

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Today after checking our of our hotel (sob) we had lunch and then went to see the Broadway Show, The Colour Purple. It was an amazing show and very emotional. Very good performances all around. After the show we did some shopping along Broadway before having some dinner and heading back to our hotel to pick up our bags and move to the hostel. After achieving all this it was quite late and we headed to bed.

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