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Tuesday 2nd December 2007

DAY 4 - CONTIKI TOUR New York City

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Today we did a tour of TV Stars and Manhattan Island featuring different locations that have been in movies or tv shows. It was a little different to the Sex in the City tour and some of the locations were of movies we had never heard of before but it was still really good. After our tour we had to head back to the hotel for a meeting and give our reviews of the tour and then we went to dinner at a place called Angelos for New York Pizza. The rest of the gang headed off for more clubbing but we wanted to soak up the luxury of our hotel some more on our final night so we went back to our room to do just that!

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Monday 1st January 2007

DAY 3 - CONTIKI TOUR New York City

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After a long sleep in after our massive day yesterday we had breakfast / lunch at the cafe again and then headed into town for a Sex in the City tour. It was actually really good and as it was a bus tour with no walking involved it was even better. We saw such things as Carries apartment and a bakery where they get these huge cupcakes which we also got to sample! YUM!

After the tour we went to Times Square for some shopping and then we had dinner at a place called Applebees which is a really american restraunt. It is amazing how much time flie when your having fun!

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Sunday 31st December 2006

DAY 2 - CONTIKI TOUR New York City

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This morning was had a great breakfast in the cafe next to our hostel and then we headed off on a walking tour across the Brooklyn Bridge. The Bridge itself is about 1 mile (or 2.4 km for everyone in Australia) but it was well worth the effort. It is a beautiful bridge. After arriving on the other side we went to lunch at a place called Juniors which is well known for its cheesecake. We tried a cheesecake which wasnt really that nice but still we at it all!

After lunch we headed to times square to see what was happening with New Years and once there we decided that with all the people flowing in we had better pick a spot and stay there. That was fine except that most places were blocked off so we walked for blocks before we found one that was open and we were not allowed to go in because we had backpacks. In times square they put up huge barriers which are like pens and they lock you in! So we kept going up the street until we turned the corner and got onto broadway which was not so heavily patrolled and we strolled right down the street (by this time we had hidden the backpacks under our clothing) and managed to make it into the same pen that the girls we had left behind had made it too. Freaky conicidence considering there was 1 millon people there and we found the girls within the first five minutes!

We then settled in for the long 7 hour wait for new years. As time went on we slowly got packed closer and closer and at new years it went completely balistic! It was an awsome experience but we probably wont be repeating it again next year. 1 million people is alot and getting back to the hotel was difficult we were didnt even attempt a taxi or the subway, we walked the entire 25 plus blocks back to the hotel. So overall, we walked over 5 kms that day! We finished off the evening with some of the girls and a quick snack before going upstairs for bed!

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Saturday 30th December 2006

DAY 1 - CONTIKI TOUR New York City

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This morning we checked out of our hostel and made our way to the HOTEL we were staying in for the duration of our contiki tour. We met our tour managers in a group meeting and learnt that the tour was actually 2 groups which meant there was approximately 80 people on contiki tour in the hotel!

After finishing the meeting we headed out to the buses and towards the Statue of Liberty and stood in line for 2 hours to get onto the boat. We walked around the Island and saw the statue (obviously since it is so huge), and we had our group photo taken at the statue of liberty as well. We then got back on the boat and headed back to Manhattan to start our tour of the city. We went to the Ground Zero site which is under construction and then we had lunch. We started our tour and drove through areas such as: Greenwich Village, Bleecker Street, NYU University, Broadway, Soho, Canal Street, Chinatown, the Tribeca Area, Wall Street, St. Pauls Capel, Tiffany┬┤s and the Trump Towers, St. Patricks Cathederal, Rockefeller Centre, Empire State Building, Central Park, Upper West Side, Harlem, 5th Avenue, Museum Mile, and Upper East Side. Phew, what a tour!

After our tour we checked into the Hotel and then went to dinner at Caliente Cab Co. where we had mexican style food. After dinner we went to the Empire State building to stand in line for another 2 hours before making it to the top. It was so cold we barely took pictures before our hands froze over but the view was beautiful!

After the empire state we piled into a limo (yes we travel in style) and headed to this night club called Coyote Ugly which is actually very similar to the movie. Although getting there in a limo is nice and all we swear the limo was owned by the mafia as we were sure we were being kidnapped and were taken to the back streets of we have no idea where before we finally made it to the cab. Scary!

The bar was nice but it was now midnight and everyone was heading off to another club and we both decided that enough was enough and went back to the hotel to enjoy our creature comforts we missed so much!


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Friday 29th December 2006

Philadelphia - New York City

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After seeing everything we wanted in Philly the day before we decided to head to New York early so we could get checked into our hostel and organised for our contiki tour tomorrow. We caught a bus from Philly to New York at 10am arriving in NYC around 1pm. We then headed straight to the subway to tackle it in an attempt to make it to our hostel, and we suceeded! We arrived at the hostel around 3pm and as we were absolutely starving we went to a local restraunt for some food. We spent the remainder of the day organising ourselves for our contiki tour tomorrow and got to bed early for a good nights sleep!

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