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Thursday 28th December 2006


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As our hostel has a curfew in which you have to be out at a certain time we fought our way through the showers and headed off for our day in Philedelphia. We stopped along the way to have some breakfast and come up with a plan of what we wanted to see and how to do it all.

We decided on seeing the Liberty Bell first and it was a very historical icon well worth the long line to see. The bell itself is massive! We then ventured across the street to Independance Hall and were able to catch a tour of the House of Congress. We were not able to get tickets into Independance Hall itself as the tickets had all gone so quickly but it was still a good experience to look in the facility. We saw copies of the declaration of independance where it was signed and this copy was not so faded so you were able to read it if you wanted to.

We then headed up to Greyhound to book tickets for our bus to New York and then tried to run some errands all with no luck before we decided to call it a day and head back to the hostel. We went out for a light dinner and met a family visiting Washington DC and were walked around the block and back to our hostel by their son who was more than sick of spending time with his family. It was really quite sweet of him and a funny story of how we met some randoms in a restraunt!

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Wednesday 27th December 2006

Washington DC - Philadelphia

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After a horrible nights sleep we finally dragged ourselves off to see Capital Hill but arrived with a massive line. We persisted and managed to get tickets but the time was too late as we were catching our bus to Philly around the same time so we headed off to the Monuments of Washington DC. We started with the Franklin Monument and then walked to the Roosevelt and then onto the Korean War Memorial before making our way to the Lincoln Memorial. After that we walked along the reflecting pool to the WWII Memorial making a massive hike around the city. In Washington DC the Captial Building is directly in line with the Lincoln Memorial albeit quite a distance apart but in order to see all the memorials we effectively did a massive semi-circle of the city. Trust us it was a big day. We finished off our time in Washington DC with some lunch before heading to the Hostel to pick up our bags to go to the Greyhound Station.

We arrived in Philly after dark and started walking towards our hostel as we believed it was quite close - or so the map on the hostel website told us - but we ended up catching a taxi after walking for a while. We arrived and checked in and then went for some dinner before crashing into bed for some well earned sleep.

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Tuesday 26th December 2006

Washington DC

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While Kylie stayed in bed today (still sick and rather green looking) Katie explored the city of Washington DC. She visited the Hollocust Museum which was very humbiling and horrifying at the same time, the Air and Space museum where she saw such things as Judy Garlans shoes as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Rocky´s gloves from the movie and other such things. She walked past the White House from every side and also visited the Natural History Museum which it is believed to be the Biggest Macdonalds in the America although there is some debate. She returned exhausted after a long day of hiking around the city and seeing the wonderful sights.

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Monday 25th December 2006

Washington DC - CHRISTMAS!

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Well this morning we had great plans on going to visit all the monuments and maybe catching a concert at the JFK Mermorial but all these plans were ruined when Kylie woke up sick. So after a short consultation and a look at the miserable weather we went back to sleep to see if the situation improved somewhat. It didnt!

After waking up again close to midday (remember we had had several nights of awful sleep so were awfully tired) we ventured out for some christmas dinner and since the options were very limited we headed down to good old MacDonalds to get some food but arrived to late and the place was closed! So we then started the hike of a life time up and down the streets of Washington DC looking for somewhere to eat, all the while Kylie getting sicker and sicker. After yet another consulation we decided that since we knew of a store that was open we should walk up there to get some food and make do for christmas day but upon arriving we discovered a mexican restraunt next to the corner store that was open so Katie ordered some Mexican food while Kylie (who was rather green at this point) decided to stick to plain old bread with the intentions of vegemite toast for christmas dinner. It was while walking back to the hostel, in the pouring rain that Kylie´s plans went horrible wrong as she visited the garden in the middle of the street. We then slowly progressed back to the hostel with Kylie bright red from embarrassment but still awfully green with sickness.

Poor Katie ate her mexican and tended to Kylie and her toast who spent the remainder of the day in bed. Katie got some serious couch time and tried to avoid whatever sickness lingered near Kylie! She was not a well woman.

SIDE NOTE: When we were leaving Frankfurt to head to London we were given a free copy of the newspaper USA Today which had a lovely article explaining that hundereds of people along the Eastern Coast and mentioning Washington DC specifically had all been hositalised with the exact same symptoms that Kylie had while sick on Christmas. We kept the article as a memento! Oh what a day to remember!

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Sunday 24th December 2006

Washington DC

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We decided to do a trolley tour of the city today as we thought this was the best way to see all the sights that we wanted to see and get some included history as well. We started off near the White House and only made it as far as the National Archives Museum before exiting the trolley to see the original copy of the Declaration of Independance, the Bill of Rights and the American Constitution. They were absolutely amazing. Very historic.

We then boarded the bus again and we drove through the city to Arlington Cemetery where we got off the bus and did a tour through the cemetery. We saw the JFK Memorial Gravesite which included his wife Jackie and two of their children who passed away quite young. We are not sure where his son, JFK Jr. is buried but he is not in the cemetery. We also saw the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers which was very humbling and then finished our tour at the Lee Homestead which used to belong to General Lee. It offers great views of the city and you can also see the pentagon from the gardens including the part that has been rebuilt since the September 11 attacks. It is a slightly different colour to the rest of the building but doesnt come up that well in photographs. You also have a great view of the cemetery as well.

After leaving the Cemetery we drove back through the city to a stop outside the Hard Rock Cafe where we ended up having dinner for the evening and then walking back to our hostel.

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