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Saturday 23rd December 2006

Washington DC

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We woke this morning to an absolute heat wave going on in our room which made the most uncomfortable sleeping arrangements which ment yet again we got an awful nights sleep. However we resolved that we would have a wonderful day in Washington DC and headed off to Georgetown where we were supposed to meet up with a friend we met on contiki but were unable to contact her. We spent the day in Georgetown but we not able to go to the University Campus as it was closed for the holidays but the actual suburb itself was a hive of activity and full of shops. We both expected Georgetown to be a little different and were pleasently surprised by the amount of shops in the neighbourhood.

After a busy day exploring the shops in Georgetown we headed back to our hostel and had dinner before crawling into bed hoping for a good nights sleep.

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Friday 22nd December 2006

Buffalo - Washington DC via New York Airport

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We managed to drag ourselves out of bed after the worst nights sleep ever and caught a bus to the airport to catch our flight at 9.00am. It was an awfully overcast day with dizzly rain to boot and after we arrived in New York for our layover before our flight to Washington DC the weather didnt improve so much so that our flight was delayed for over an hour. To compensate this loss of time we both completely crashed in the airport lounge - on the carpet mind you - until we decided that food might be a better option. We were finally able to board our flight but the weather still hadnt improved. There was massive storms in the Western half of the country which caused huge delays for all other airports and it seems we had managed to miss the cold weather once again.

We arrived in Baltimore which is about 50 kms out of Washington DC and we caught a train into the city and then a cab from Union Station to our hostel as it was still drizzling rain. After standing in line forever to checkin we dumped our bags and headed to the closest place that provided food which turned out to be an Indian restraunt across the street. It was lovely food and we had a great time but we were both so tired from our lack of sleep that we headed upstairs to bed the minute dinner was over.

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Thursday 21st December 2006

Toronto - Buffalo

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After packing our bags (which we are not enjoying doing everyday!) we checked out of our hostel and headed to downtown Toronto to visit the CN Tower one of the largest towers in all of north america which offers great views of the city. It also has a glass floor in one area where you are able to see directly beneath you. Very scary! We took some obligatory photographs and then we decided to end our stay in Toronto with a fairwell lunch at the top of the CN Tower. It was a lovely lunch with a beautiful view and a nice way to farewell the city.

We returned to collect our bags and then headed to the bus station to catch our bus back to Buffalo. The bus ride seemed to go forever and as we approached the border we were told that we would need to exit the bus at the border and go through customs. Well this wasn´t such an issue as we had already done this on our way to Canada but as we approached the customs officer we noticed that everybody was having their bags inspected and we were most horrified as we didnt really pack our bags so much as throw everything inside and then sit on our bags until we were able to close them! So you can imagine what lay inside! Not only that but Kylie had packed the remaining washing powder which is stored in zip lock bags on the top of her bag and lets just say that the amound left was not alot and looked rather suspicous! However we were very charming to the officers and managed to lift our bags onto the bench where they were inspecting the bags but we think the officers took pity on us when they looked at us struggling with this two huge oversized, massively bulging bags that completely filled the expander zip to breaking point and told us that they didnt need to see inside the bag (more luck for them really cause it really wasnt pretty and would have taken hours to do back up) and so we ended up being the only people on the entire bus who did not have their bags inspected and the rest of the people on the bus we not to impressed!

We arrived at our hostel in one piece and caught the tram back to the hostel from the bus station mostly cause we were too lazy to lug our bags down the street but also because it was free to the stop outside our hostel. We ended the night with some pizza and went to bed early to go to the airport the next morning although our plans were rudely interupted but an elderly woman who was staying at the hostel who is quite possibly the loudest snorer in the world. At 11pm when we still could not sleep we got up and went to watch some television until about 1am when we returned and braved it out until 6am for the bus to the airport. Oh what a night!

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Wednesay 20th Deember 2006


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This morning we strolled through Queens street an area full of culture with restraunts and shopping. We organised our bus tickets for our return to Buffalo before strolling down Younge Sreet an area more well known for its shopping. We got the full cultural feel of Toronto today as we walked down the streets and were able to do alot of people gazing and really got more of a feel for the city. Toronto is an interesting ciy as it is the largest city in Canada and well known for its banking and fiancial districts as well as for its Theather and Cultural aspects so it is interestng to see how these two cultures mix. We spent the remainder of the afternoon at the Eaton Centre before heading down to King Street a well known area for its dinning where we settled for Italian. After dinner we headed back to the hostel and mixed with a few people we had met over te duration of our stay and what we supposed to be an early night slowly became a longer night swapping travel stories and learning more about other people and their travels.

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Tuesday 19th December 2006

Buffalo - Toronto, Canada

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This morning we awoke and packed in preperation for our next stop, Toronto, Canada. We caught a bus at 10:15am and arrived in Toronto that afternoon. Upon arrival we caught a taxi to our hostel where we received a warm welcome from the staff at te hostel. We then spent the afternoon at a extremely large shopping centre known as the Eaton Centre where Katie picked up a great deal on a down jacket (as her jackets just werent cutting it in this cold weather). This was then followed by a late lunch/early dinner at the centre where Katie tried Maple Syrup ice cream (very Canadian ...when in Canada try Maple syrup).

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