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Wednesday 13th December 2006

White, South Dakota - Chicago

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This morning we had breakfast at a truck stop before reaching the Sioux Falls airport to catch our flight to Chicago at 10.50am. It was a sad farwell to the rest of the family and tears were shed by both sides. We waited until the last minute to go through security and what a mistake that was. We rushed to get to our plane (which was making its final boarding call!) but there were others behind us so lucky we were not the last! We both had quick cat naps on the plane before arriving in Chicago. We caught a shuttle to the hostel and then went out exploring the city but only managed to make it to the first Macdonalds where we had some food and walked the surrounding streets before returning to the hostel to escape the cold.

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Tuesday 12th December 2006

White, South Dakota

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This morning we sent the hugest parcels home to family and to try to get rid of some of the weight in our bags. Kylie's is hugely overweight and she accumulated so much stuff while in South Dakota so it was definitely necessary. After sending the parcels home we headed into Brookings to re-organise the photos and print the cd's from the day before and we also bough candy (lollies) to send yet another parcel home! The photos took most of the afternoon so we headed home to quickly change before going to Pizza Hut for dinner. It was a sad farewell to both Dawn and Mike and Grandmas Rue and Thomsen and Lois as we headed home to spend some time with the family before we fly out tomorrow.

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Monday 11th December 2006

White, South Dakota Kylie's Birthday

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After yet another lazy morning in the house we drove into Brookings to finish some of the wedding chores. Linda's boss gave us a tour of her work which was really interesting. We then headed over to the mall where Kylie caught up with Joanne who was her Exchange Co-ordinator during her time in South Dakota. We then headed to Walmart to print off some cd's of the wedding photos which was supposed to be an easy task but turned out to be very long and frustrating as we all left with only 1 cd in total! That night we headed to the Casino for dinner and so Kylie could have a go in the money booth for her birthday. She was able to catch $27 dollars! We both then went and played blackjack since we didn’t get a chance in Las Vegas and we both faired very well with Katie winning $17 dollars and Kylie winning $18 dollars. So a profitable night was had by all! We retired to Paul and Sheila’s house for some ice-cream birthday cake (Oreo' - Kylie's Favourite) before heading back to White for bed.

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Sunday 10th December 2006

White, South Dakota

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Today we headed out to Paul and Sheila's house for brunch and the present opening. Brunch was fantastic and then the present opening was heaps of fun as we watched the bride and grooms faces light up with each present. We stayed the remainder of the afternoon and played cards and board games until the early evening before returning home where we played cards again until late evening!

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Saturday 9th December 2006

White, South Dakota THE WEDDING!

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Today was an early morning as the brides and bridesmaids (including Kylie) had to be at the church at 8am to get their hair done. Katie had the role of ‘personal attendant’ to the brides and bridesmaids and ensured that had everything they needed throughout the day. Photos started at 11am and went right through to the beginning of the ceremony which started at 3:30pm. The ceremony was beautiful and even better Kylie managed not to stack in on her way down the aisle. The reception was held at a Casino were a lot of fun was had by all.


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