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Friday 8th December 2006

White, South Dakota

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Katie was rather sick this morning and spent the morning sleeping to try and recover. We think all the late nights are starting to add up as we are both so tired! We spent the remainder of the day organising photos and emailing family and friends before we went to the Rehearsal dinner at the Church followed by the ceremony rehearsal. We decorated the Christmas tree in the church so it would be ready for the wedding and we also met the remaining bridesmaid Mary. All the bridesmaids and the bride returned home with us and we spent the night playing cards.

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Thursday 7th December 2006

White, South Dakota

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This morning we went with Lois (Sheila's aunt) to Watertown to buy Sheila and Paul's wedding present. We actually found what we wanted to buy them quite easily so after finishing up we went to the Sports Bar for lunch before sorting out some photo issues and getting copies put onto CD. We headed home to do more chores (like washing!) and later in the evening we went to Paul and Sheila's house to surprise them with some of the larger wedding presents. Sheila's family had bough the pair some furniture and when we arrived Paul and Sheila were not home so we moved all the furniture into the house before they arrived and got a huge surprise! After the festivities we went to dinner in Pipestone for Pizza and played arcade games until it was time to go home to bed.

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Wednesday 6th December 2006

White, South Dakota

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This morning after breakfast we went to Sioux Falls for Kylie's bridesmaid dress fitting and some shopping. Linda (The mother) drove us and we also met Dawn one of Sheila’s other bridesmaids. After the dress fitting we went shopping and then we had lunch with Gale (the father), Linda and Dawn at a place called Hu Hot which is a stir-fry place where you make your own stir-fry. It was really interesting! You get a bowl of meat and noodles and then a bowl of vegetables from a buffet so you make all your own choices and then you choose your sauces and then the restaurant cooks in on this huge BBQ like hot plate before giving it back to you to eat! YUM! While we were at lunch it began to snow so Kylie was very excited cause she loves snow! We drove back to White after lunch and spent the evening with the family learning a new card game called Phase 10 which we both loved.

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Tuesday 5th December 2006

San Francisco - White, South Dakota

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With our early morning start (3.15am!) we arrived at the airport to absolute nothingness. Not a single airport person in sight so we collapsed on the couches and chatted with another passenger who was catching our flight until we were able to check in. It turned out the lad was actually a chef in the airport restaurant so after we checked in we headed to her restaurant for breakfast and much needed coffee (for Kylie!). We flew from San Francisco to Denver and both slept the whole way as our flight was very empty and we spread out across vacant seats to catch up on some much needed sleep! We arrived in Denver and waited approximately 45 minutes before catching our connecting flight to Pierre the Capital of South Dakota and then onto Brookings South Dakota. The plane was incredibly small and we were situated in the 9th row which also happened to the last row of the plane. Definitely an experience!

After arriving in Brookings we met with the Thomsens (Kylie's American Family) before going to Burger King for some much needed food! We caught up on all the happenings of the family and Katie met the rest of the Thomsen / Rue clan later that night at Supper (dinner). We played cards until late in the night when we headed to bed.

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Monday 4th December 2006

San Francisco

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This morning we caught a cable car down to Pier 33 where we caught a ferry across to Alcatraz Island. We took an audio tour of the island which used to be a prison, a fortress and is now a historical site so it has a huge history. The tour was fantastic and very informative. We walked around the grounds for a while before heading back to the mainland and onto Pier 39 for some slight shopping. After Pier 39 we headed up to Lombard street - the crookedest street in the world. We caught a taxi up to the top of the street and then walked down to the bottom where we were accosted by asian tourists who took our photos! We then caught a taxi back to Chinatown and walked the streets before heading back to our hostel to pack and go to sleep as we had a 3.15am start in the morning to catch our plane! Sob sob sob.

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